Will Liu


021 818 338

Will has been immersed in the Real Estate industry since 2017. Prior to his successful venture into Property Management, he excelled as a skilled Real Estate Sales Agent. Furthermore, he dedicated five years to a thriving career as a Sea-Freight Manager.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Will's personal interests revolve around maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. He finds joy in activities such as gym workouts, fitness endeavors, camping trips, and embarking on exciting adventures. Notably, Will's passion for fitness led him to work as a dedicated personal trainer at a gym prior to joining RE/MAX. This experience further enriched his ability to connect with people, understand their unique needs, and provide exceptional service. By combining his professional expertise in real estate with his dedication to fitness and outdoor pursuits, Will brings a well-rounded approach to his work, ensuring he can cater to diverse client requirements with enthusiasm and understanding.

Throughout his diverse professional journey, Will honed invaluable negotiation and management skills, greatly benefiting from his roles in both real estate and logistics. Beyond his professional pursuits, Will also embraces the realm of homeownership, proudly owning a house and an investment property. This personal experience enables him to wholeheartedly grasp your unique needs and expertly match the ideal tenant to your most cherished and valuable asset.